Notion Haven HQ [Second brain🧠]


How would you feel if you could track everything in your life From the small stuff to the big picture in one view & hub ?

Let's imagine an open playground where you can do whatever you want. This can very quickly devolve into an unorganized mess of disconnected pages where you can’t find anything anymore.

That was me In the past, I managed my work and personal life using a variety of systems. These systems, though, frequently break after a while.

And so to fix this i dedicated all my time into creating a template by starting with a single page and then creating a collection of interrelated databases that manages my entire life with a different approach which will allow me to save time, be more productive, and, most importantly, maintain a sense of balance.


The template is encompasses 4 key sections


These are the concise level of actionable tasks you have to complete on a daily basis that lets you maintain a standard for yourself over a long period of time


  • Promotes mindfulness

  • Reduces stress significantly

  • Boosts your productivity

  • Promotes daily positivity


Consists of a workout Planner as well as a meal planner which enables you track your Incremental improvements to your fitness performance and complicated diet plans over time.


  • Build and optimize your workout

  • stay on-top of your nutrition targets

  • take control of your meal schedule

  • Create your own personal workout routines


A system to become more mindful of your income Expenses and subscriptions without hassle. With an area solely dedicated to budgeting to create a sense of financial stability and footing Over the long term


  • Solid money management

  • Easy overview of multiple accounts

  • Effective budgeting like never before

  • Better understanding of your various income/expense sources


group information into more concise formats with corresponding metrics to keep track of it such as a project for each hobby you have, a project for goal you set, a project for each client you work with at work etc.


  • Get more done in less time

  • Keep work and goals organized in one place

  • Eliminate confusion and increase efficiency

  • Align priorities and improve clarity

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