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Social media marketing is far from "simple."

It is difficult to keep track of everything you work on at any given time, from idea generation to writing pieces for multiple brands all at once.

Not to mention the numerous last-minute adjustments that result from inadequate organisation.

But if you have a strong framework in place for your social media posts and campaigns, all of this may be avoided.

And that's precisely why I've created this template.

What's included?

  • Custom content board for each platform

  • Master content calendar database

  • timeline setup for challenges and build in public events

  • A gallery & database view to help you track your social media goals and corresponding effective practices

  • swipe files for content inspiration.

What are the benefits?

1) You can schedule posts on all your social media platforms in advance consistently.

2) Monitor the Development of Your Social Media Projects/events.

3) Work personally or together with your a team using tools to assign roles, set deadlines, integrate and streamline all of your posts.

4)A swipe file to store every tweet, thread or message that reasonates with you and could possibly inspire you if you ever run out of ideas for your content.

5) Stay on top of your brand goals & targets to see how well your social media strategy is performing and where you need to iterate to continue moving forward.

The best part is that it only takes a few seconds to set up and start using.

By grabbing my social media content hub, you will always feel in charge of your social media posts or campaigns and never feel lost.

Meet your content creation deadlines on time,without fail and save yourself a ton of headaches today.

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